Monday, April 16, 2012

Christmas Come Alive

Sherwood Baptist Church,
Sherwood, Oregon
Sometime in the late 1970's

Is This YOU?

Janet Weber, Dick Holmes, Vicki McCown, Laurie Sisco, Jim McDowell, Mark Gibson, Kathy Hartford, Tami Nester, Adela Sisco, Wendy Byerly, Jenni Campbell, Staci Sturges, Mark Russell, Tim Birch, Cindy McCown, Art Swanson, Tim Nester, Kelly Birch, Kelly McDowell, Sharla Weber, Kendra Sisco, Marcy Hartford, Ron McCown, Darren McBeth, Howard Lovely, Johnny Sharer, Steve McCown, Matthew Young, Natalie Fleming, Heather Campbell, Larry Guilliams, Brian Wickizer, Jeff Groom, Troy Kennedy, Cindy McBeth, Lisa Sanders, Darren Upton, Darren Gibson, Tiffany Fleming, Paul Schierk, Brian Casselbury, Holly Swanson, Bruce Maplethorpe, Hugh Weber, Michelle Groom, Tina Wickizer, Christian Sturges, Dan Sturges, Tanya Bischof, Aaron Shierk, Tammy Shierk, Leola Gibson, Todd Kennedy, Erika Swanson, Ben Hanna, Chris Birch, Maryann Wilcox, Suzanne Sturges, Ken Ford, Dick Hanna, Marty Russell, Steve Weber, Ken Sisco, Don Campbell, Art Swanson, Dawn Murry, Hugh Weber, Sharla Weber, Dawn Murry, Nadine Hoffman, Helen Kennedy, Diane Swanson, Doug Wilcox, Wes Birch, Judy Campbell, Dottie McCown, Adela Sisco, Sharla Weber, Suzanne Sturges, Sig Edstrom, Gordon Smith, Mr. and Mrs. C.S. Kennerly, Miss Linda Ostrin

Western Union Telegram 1953

My first post on "Is This You?" is a Western Union telegram dated May 24, 1953.
(I found this just a few months ago at a Goodwill Outlet Store.)

It is addressed from Heidelberg via RCA to a Mrs. John E Herbert, 526 E 11, Albany, Oregon.

"Love greetings and congratulations. Wish I could be with you. All my love dearest. John."

Is This You?

Mrs. John E Herbert
John E Herbert