Sunday, September 2, 2012

RCA Telegram Proposal

I just love this old RCA Communications Inc. telegram that I found tucked into a book at a local thrift store.

Nancy Zener, Honolulu (Hawaii)

"October 17 - Just so you wont be an old maid will you marry me"

I wonder if they got married?
I would like to think that they did ... and were happily married for all of the years in between.

Is This You?

Nancy Zener

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Parker Pen Set

One of the first purchases I ever made at a Goodwill Outlet store was more than 10 years ago ... and it was this Parker pen set.

It ended up in a box in storage.

It wasn't until I pulled it out today that I realized the pens are engraved!

There is a name, which I won't reveal, and the following enscription:

"Burns Fire Deal"

I think it is referring to the town of Burns, Oregon.
Beyond that, I just don't know.

I would love to know more about this pen set!

Is This You?

Burns Fire Deal 1963

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Postcard - Delaware in Springtime

I got this postcard from Delaware back in 1980 or so; I only recently found it in my trunk along with some other treasures.

"Dear Clytie, I was really glad to hear that you $ situation has improved greatly. Kind of gives you the idea the the Lord would like ya to go to Multnomah Instant Bible Toot (I'm not sure I spelled that right). Sure hope other things are going well out there. I've had a good time here at home, but I am looking forward to coming back to my Oregon home. I miss ya all. In Him, Bob"

Bob ended up marrying one of my best high school friends, Stacie.
They eventually left Oregon and I lost track of them.
I heard at one point that they ended up in back in Delaware (Bob's home state), but I'm not sure.

(If you ever see this, Bob, I hope you got the newspaper headline you always wanted!)
(Do you remember? "Hurricane Bob Wreaks Havoc on East Coast?")

Is This You?

Bob Walker, Stacie Badnin, Stacie Walker

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wilsonville Times Clipping 1981

I found this newspaper clipping in Grammie's papers ...
(Doug Nickerson is my cousin - Grammie's grandson)
Wilsonville Times, Wilsonville, Oregon, Wednesday, April 8, 1981
Getting ready for summer picnics

"For a hearty group of Saturday carpenters, wielding hacksaws, ratchets and hammers proved a pleasant and profitable switch from pencils, gas pumps and dustmops. Volunteers gathered at Wilsonville Park last weekend to begin construction of 50 picnic tables, the wood for which was donated to the city by the Robert Randall Company. An effective assembly line production program put City Engineer Jim Long at the table saw, Mobile Station's Doug Nickerson marking with the tri-square, while Cheryl Beyer manned the drill press. Public works director Larry Blanchard worked with Parks Maintenance Man Steve Munsterman in assembly and bolting. Realtors got into the action, too, as Carol and Joe Torres of Bailey and Marshall, and Bob Rhoades of Balsiger-Ingraham assisted. By day's end many of the solid, 350 pound tables were ready for summertime picnickers. The balance will have to wait for another work party, to be scheduled by Blanchard following Monday's Park Department meeting. Volunteers are welcome!"

Is This You?

Wilsonville Park, Robert Randall Company, Jim Long, Mobile Station, Doug Nickerson, Cheryl Beyer, Larry Blanchard, Steve Munsterman, Carole and Joe Torres, Bailey and Marshall, Bob Rhoades, Balsiger-Ingraham

Monday, July 16, 2012

Flash Drive Found

I was shopping at the Goodwill Outlet Store when I found a flash drive at the bottom of one of the bins. Because I'm always curious about things like that, I went ahead and put it in my cart for purchase.

What I found when I got home broke my heart.

Photos. Lots of photos.
Family photos.
Memories of the good times gone by ...
And divorce documents.

So very sad.

Is This You?

James John Noah III
Michelle Marie Noah
Taylor Rae Noah

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Wilsonville Times Newspaper Clipping

Grammie kept a LOT of papers - including newspaper clippings - especially if she knew someone who was mentioned.

I found this clipping in her papers ...
It would have been published in the Wilsonville Times (Wilsonville Spokesman)
probably sometime in the late 1960's or early 1970's.
(Don Wilson was my 8th grade teacher. Betty Plant was the wonderful librarian who inspired in me a love for books).

"Summer Time Learning ...

1. Although the formal school year has closed, Wilsonville students are taking advantage of the summer session to learn added skills. Here instructor Don Wilson assists Kris Erickson in the eighth grade typing class while students (from left) Emily Aden, Gigi Vlaho and Judy Bruck look on.

2. Sharpening their reading skills; second and third graders are attending morning classes taught by Mrs. Don Wilson. Here Mrs. Wilson helps Linda Boozier to recognize an unfamiliar word.

3. The school library will be open for readers of the community each Wednesday for ten weeks during the summer and includes a story hour. Here school librarian, Mrs. Plant reads a story to second grader Laureen Lasky."

Is This You?

Wilsonville Grade School, Don Wilson, Kris Erickson, Emily Aden, Gigi Vlaho, Judy Bruck, Mrs. Don Wilson, Linda Boozier, Mrs. Plant, Laureen Lasky


Friday, July 13, 2012

Thank You Note ...

(I found this note in Grammie's papers ... like me, she kept everything!)
((And I'm so glad she did, because I can share them here!!!))

January 26, 1965

Dear Mrs. Nickerson,

Thank you so much for the terry set, mirror and rattle you and Eva gave to Leland. I know he will use them often and appreciate your thoughtfulness. I also think of the note you sent on back of the card you sent us and hope we can live up to all the nice things you said.

Shirley Koester

Is This You?

Genevieve Nickerson
Jenny Nickerson
Eva Gibson
Shirley Koester
Leland Koester


Saturday, June 23, 2012

Commencement Announcement 2005

 I found this Graduation Announcement at a Goodwill store a while back ...

 The Class of
Two Thousand Five
Parkrose High School
announces its
Commencement Exercises
Thursday Evening, June Sixteenth
 seven o'clock
Earle Chiles Auditorium
University of Portland

Admission by Ticket Only

Patrick LaValley
Crushed Can Productions

Folded into the Announcement was this great sketch!

Is This You?

Parkrose High School Class of 2005
Patrick LaValley
Patrick LeValley
Crushed Can Productions

Friday, June 22, 2012

Loyal Order of Moose

 I found this interesting postcard in a bin at the Goodwill Outlet Store.
And thought it would be perfect for my collection ...
Someone had already scratched out the message on the other side ... 'why' remains a mystery!

Slidell Lodge #2038
Loyal Order of Moose
The following nominees have
been presented for the office
of Governor of the Lodge:
Roger Hilton
Bill Talloy
and John Higgins.

Balloting will be during the
meeting of June 15, 1965.
Further nominations by
petition must be presented
to the Secty. prior to the
Officers meeting of June 8.

Slidell Legionnaires are asked
to attend the Legion Frolic
on June 12 & 13, 1965 in
Algiers. For information,
contact Ken Mytron, 643-5575

All Members and Candidates
should plant to attend the
Moose Family Picnic and the
Kiwanis Camp on Father's Day,
June 20, 1965.


Slidell Lodge #2038, Loyal Order of Moose, Roger Hilton, Bill Talloy, John Higgins, Slidell Legionnaires, Ken Mytron

((sharing with Postcard Friendship Friday))

Monday, June 18, 2012

Tualatin School 8th Grade Graduation 1940

8th Grade Graduation - Tualatin School
(Found in Grammie's papers!)


Virginia Krise, Lucille Kirk, Warren Volk, Norman Barksdale, Gladys King, Charles Becker, Eugene Lane, John Bohlen, Lester McColm, Harold Brink, Vearlien Moos, Lucille Bryan, Willard Newberg, Elmo Carson, John Reed, Leroy Elligsen, M.B. Rhodig, Melvin Floyd, Maxine Rowley, David Gardner, Robert Saarinen, Tom Garfield, Gordon Sherman, Verlin Harvey, Carroll Sunde, Frederick Karn, Ruth Todd

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Portland Rose Tabernacle

I found this church membership card in Grammie's papers ...
I had no idea she had gone to this church!


Mrs. Lester Nickerson
William Booth Gibbons
Portland Rose Tabernacle

Thursday, May 24, 2012


 The University of New Mexico
Patricia Anne Teisher
Bachelor of University Studies

The University of New Mexico
Patricia Anne Teisher
Associate of Arts in Human Services

I found these in a bin at the Goodwill Outlet Store ...
I couldn't let them be sent off for shredding.


Patricia Anne Teisher

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Scott Family Bible

I found this beat up old Bible at a church rummage sale today ...

Presented to John Geary Scott
By his wife, Doris Mae Scott

"This Bible was given to me by wife as a Christmas present, and as God knows He is my master, and if I may be granted one wish, I would like this Bible kept in the Scott name and blood.
John Geary Scott"

"Benjamin Baker-Scott 
May the this book with God's word in it guide you and be of comfort for you in times of stress.
Your Grandfather
John Geary Scott"

John Geary Scott, b 11/11/25 in Chester, Del. Co, Penna, m 3/17/47 to Doris Ball (b 3/28/24) in Waynesboro, Virginia.

Other Pages (not shown):

 John Ball Scott, b 6/28/48 in Waynesboro, Va. (Dr. B.K. Weems, 8 lb 4 oz.)

Tina Lee Scott, b 10/5/51 in Waynesboro, Va (Dr. B.K. Weems, 7 lb 14 oz, long black hair), m W.Va. Chapel, Charlotte Va to Harry Lee Critzer II.

*Family Tree:
John Geary Scott
Sister Hazel Miriam
Father John Alexander Sinit Scott
Mother Ida Allen Geary

Doris Ball Scott
Brothers Carlisle Hamilton, Carol Leigh, William Horold, Harvey Rodgers
Sister Edna Irene
Father Lewis Hamilton Ball
Mother Clara James Beasley
Grandparents Samuel Alexander Ball // James Claude Beasley and Clara Mae Justus

Doris Mae Ball, confirmed 3/30/34 Alberene Va, Baptized 9/34 Alberene Va.
John Geary Scott, Baptized 4/27/47 Waynesboro, Va., Rev. Anthony
John Ball Scott, Baptized 7/31/48 Waynesboro, Va., Rev. Anthony
Tina Lee Scott

Doris Mae Ball
John Geary Ball, DW Jefferis & Larkin School; Smedley Jr. H.S. & Chester HS
John Ball Scott, Wayne Hills (Elem), Waynesboro Lane H, U of Va & U of OR & U of Alabama, Physician Assistant
Tina Lee Scott, Wayne Hills (Elem), Lane H
 Is This YOU?

John Geary Scott, Doris Mae Ball, Doris Mae Scott, Doris Ball Scott, Benjamin Baker-Scott, Dr. B.K. Weems, John Ball Scott, Tina Lee Scott, Hazel Miriam Scott, John Alexander Scott, Ida Allen Geary, Carlisle Hamilton Ball, Carol Leigh Ball, William Harold Ball, Harvey Rodgers, Edna Irene Ball, Lewis Hamilton Ball, Clara James Beasley, Samuel Alexander Ball, James Claude Beasley, Clara Mae Justus, Harry Lee Critzer II

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Full Brush Company

I found this in the box of miscellaneous papers I rescued from a dumpster many years ago ...

Mostly I was intrigued by the fact that I was only a week or so old when this order was made!

Is This YOU? 

Jack Hill, Fuller Brush Company Dealer

Monday, April 16, 2012

Christmas Come Alive

Sherwood Baptist Church,
Sherwood, Oregon
Sometime in the late 1970's

Is This YOU?

Janet Weber, Dick Holmes, Vicki McCown, Laurie Sisco, Jim McDowell, Mark Gibson, Kathy Hartford, Tami Nester, Adela Sisco, Wendy Byerly, Jenni Campbell, Staci Sturges, Mark Russell, Tim Birch, Cindy McCown, Art Swanson, Tim Nester, Kelly Birch, Kelly McDowell, Sharla Weber, Kendra Sisco, Marcy Hartford, Ron McCown, Darren McBeth, Howard Lovely, Johnny Sharer, Steve McCown, Matthew Young, Natalie Fleming, Heather Campbell, Larry Guilliams, Brian Wickizer, Jeff Groom, Troy Kennedy, Cindy McBeth, Lisa Sanders, Darren Upton, Darren Gibson, Tiffany Fleming, Paul Schierk, Brian Casselbury, Holly Swanson, Bruce Maplethorpe, Hugh Weber, Michelle Groom, Tina Wickizer, Christian Sturges, Dan Sturges, Tanya Bischof, Aaron Shierk, Tammy Shierk, Leola Gibson, Todd Kennedy, Erika Swanson, Ben Hanna, Chris Birch, Maryann Wilcox, Suzanne Sturges, Ken Ford, Dick Hanna, Marty Russell, Steve Weber, Ken Sisco, Don Campbell, Art Swanson, Dawn Murry, Hugh Weber, Sharla Weber, Dawn Murry, Nadine Hoffman, Helen Kennedy, Diane Swanson, Doug Wilcox, Wes Birch, Judy Campbell, Dottie McCown, Adela Sisco, Sharla Weber, Suzanne Sturges, Sig Edstrom, Gordon Smith, Mr. and Mrs. C.S. Kennerly, Miss Linda Ostrin

Western Union Telegram 1953

My first post on "Is This You?" is a Western Union telegram dated May 24, 1953.
(I found this just a few months ago at a Goodwill Outlet Store.)

It is addressed from Heidelberg via RCA to a Mrs. John E Herbert, 526 E 11, Albany, Oregon.

"Love greetings and congratulations. Wish I could be with you. All my love dearest. John."

Is This You?

Mrs. John E Herbert
John E Herbert