Monday, June 18, 2012

Tualatin School 8th Grade Graduation 1940

8th Grade Graduation - Tualatin School
(Found in Grammie's papers!)


Virginia Krise, Lucille Kirk, Warren Volk, Norman Barksdale, Gladys King, Charles Becker, Eugene Lane, John Bohlen, Lester McColm, Harold Brink, Vearlien Moos, Lucille Bryan, Willard Newberg, Elmo Carson, John Reed, Leroy Elligsen, M.B. Rhodig, Melvin Floyd, Maxine Rowley, David Gardner, Robert Saarinen, Tom Garfield, Gordon Sherman, Verlin Harvey, Carroll Sunde, Frederick Karn, Ruth Todd

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Ed Elder said...

I was searching the name M B Rhodig. He was the great Uncle of my girlfriend. M B was in Washington 1940 and 15 years old so this could be him. M B went on to join the Army in 1943, was captured in 1944 and held as a POW till the end of the war.