Saturday, May 5, 2012

Scott Family Bible

I found this beat up old Bible at a church rummage sale today ...

Presented to John Geary Scott
By his wife, Doris Mae Scott

"This Bible was given to me by wife as a Christmas present, and as God knows He is my master, and if I may be granted one wish, I would like this Bible kept in the Scott name and blood.
John Geary Scott"

"Benjamin Baker-Scott 
May the this book with God's word in it guide you and be of comfort for you in times of stress.
Your Grandfather
John Geary Scott"

John Geary Scott, b 11/11/25 in Chester, Del. Co, Penna, m 3/17/47 to Doris Ball (b 3/28/24) in Waynesboro, Virginia.

Other Pages (not shown):

 John Ball Scott, b 6/28/48 in Waynesboro, Va. (Dr. B.K. Weems, 8 lb 4 oz.)

Tina Lee Scott, b 10/5/51 in Waynesboro, Va (Dr. B.K. Weems, 7 lb 14 oz, long black hair), m W.Va. Chapel, Charlotte Va to Harry Lee Critzer II.

*Family Tree:
John Geary Scott
Sister Hazel Miriam
Father John Alexander Sinit Scott
Mother Ida Allen Geary

Doris Ball Scott
Brothers Carlisle Hamilton, Carol Leigh, William Horold, Harvey Rodgers
Sister Edna Irene
Father Lewis Hamilton Ball
Mother Clara James Beasley
Grandparents Samuel Alexander Ball // James Claude Beasley and Clara Mae Justus

Doris Mae Ball, confirmed 3/30/34 Alberene Va, Baptized 9/34 Alberene Va.
John Geary Scott, Baptized 4/27/47 Waynesboro, Va., Rev. Anthony
John Ball Scott, Baptized 7/31/48 Waynesboro, Va., Rev. Anthony
Tina Lee Scott

Doris Mae Ball
John Geary Ball, DW Jefferis & Larkin School; Smedley Jr. H.S. & Chester HS
John Ball Scott, Wayne Hills (Elem), Waynesboro Lane H, U of Va & U of OR & U of Alabama, Physician Assistant
Tina Lee Scott, Wayne Hills (Elem), Lane H
 Is This YOU?

John Geary Scott, Doris Mae Ball, Doris Mae Scott, Doris Ball Scott, Benjamin Baker-Scott, Dr. B.K. Weems, John Ball Scott, Tina Lee Scott, Hazel Miriam Scott, John Alexander Scott, Ida Allen Geary, Carlisle Hamilton Ball, Carol Leigh Ball, William Harold Ball, Harvey Rodgers, Edna Irene Ball, Lewis Hamilton Ball, Clara James Beasley, Samuel Alexander Ball, James Claude Beasley, Clara Mae Justus, Harry Lee Critzer II

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