Saturday, July 14, 2012

Wilsonville Times Newspaper Clipping

Grammie kept a LOT of papers - including newspaper clippings - especially if she knew someone who was mentioned.

I found this clipping in her papers ...
It would have been published in the Wilsonville Times (Wilsonville Spokesman)
probably sometime in the late 1960's or early 1970's.
(Don Wilson was my 8th grade teacher. Betty Plant was the wonderful librarian who inspired in me a love for books).

"Summer Time Learning ...

1. Although the formal school year has closed, Wilsonville students are taking advantage of the summer session to learn added skills. Here instructor Don Wilson assists Kris Erickson in the eighth grade typing class while students (from left) Emily Aden, Gigi Vlaho and Judy Bruck look on.

2. Sharpening their reading skills; second and third graders are attending morning classes taught by Mrs. Don Wilson. Here Mrs. Wilson helps Linda Boozier to recognize an unfamiliar word.

3. The school library will be open for readers of the community each Wednesday for ten weeks during the summer and includes a story hour. Here school librarian, Mrs. Plant reads a story to second grader Laureen Lasky."

Is This You?

Wilsonville Grade School, Don Wilson, Kris Erickson, Emily Aden, Gigi Vlaho, Judy Bruck, Mrs. Don Wilson, Linda Boozier, Mrs. Plant, Laureen Lasky


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