Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wilsonville Times Clipping 1981

I found this newspaper clipping in Grammie's papers ...
(Doug Nickerson is my cousin - Grammie's grandson)
Wilsonville Times, Wilsonville, Oregon, Wednesday, April 8, 1981
Getting ready for summer picnics

"For a hearty group of Saturday carpenters, wielding hacksaws, ratchets and hammers proved a pleasant and profitable switch from pencils, gas pumps and dustmops. Volunteers gathered at Wilsonville Park last weekend to begin construction of 50 picnic tables, the wood for which was donated to the city by the Robert Randall Company. An effective assembly line production program put City Engineer Jim Long at the table saw, Mobile Station's Doug Nickerson marking with the tri-square, while Cheryl Beyer manned the drill press. Public works director Larry Blanchard worked with Parks Maintenance Man Steve Munsterman in assembly and bolting. Realtors got into the action, too, as Carol and Joe Torres of Bailey and Marshall, and Bob Rhoades of Balsiger-Ingraham assisted. By day's end many of the solid, 350 pound tables were ready for summertime picnickers. The balance will have to wait for another work party, to be scheduled by Blanchard following Monday's Park Department meeting. Volunteers are welcome!"

Is This You?

Wilsonville Park, Robert Randall Company, Jim Long, Mobile Station, Doug Nickerson, Cheryl Beyer, Larry Blanchard, Steve Munsterman, Carole and Joe Torres, Bailey and Marshall, Bob Rhoades, Balsiger-Ingraham

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